McAfee Activate Online Guide

How to Activate McAfee Retail Card Online?

Where to Enter 25 Digit McAfee Activation Code?

First of all, You need to open the activation link provided at the back of your retail card. However, you can activate McAfee Security or any other product type, Such as McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee Live Safe, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection just by visiting at or you can also use the productwise activation web links that you can find below to this article.

Redeem Your Key

To redeem your 25 digit activation code just open the web address and proceed to next step.

Goto Your Account

Create a new account or Login to your Existing McAfee Account to complete your McAfee Activation Process.

Add Your Device

After the successful activation of your product just need to add your device from your McAfee account to start the download.

How to know your Activation Key is Redeemed Successfully or not?

Its easy to know whether your McAfee/Activate code is Redeemed successfully or not, First you need to go on then enter your product key and all other required details, If your Activation code is already been redeemed then it will show you the message about it with the email address you used to redeem, If you are getting any kind of error that means your activation code not redeemed yet and not available for download in your account.

How to get error free McAfee Installaton?
  • Remove the confliting security software's from your computer.
  • Uninstall existing McAfee Security using MCPR Tool (Official McAfee Removal Tool)
  • Make sure that your system meet's minimum system requirement.

McAfee Installation Guide using a CD/DVD

If you have a CD/DVD of brand new McAfee Security product then just insert it into your computer's CD/DVD drive and wait for auto popup of Installation Screen. If you are not getting an popup then just manually explore the CD/DVD drive and run the McAfee setup file. You can find your product activation code on your CD/DVD box.

  • Insert the CD/DVD into the computer and wait for 1 min.
  • Now, you will see McAfee setup pop up screen if not then go to your computer drives to manually explore it.
  • Go to your removable disc section you will find McAfee Setup executable file.
  • Please run the McAfee setup executable file and follow the instructions to setup McAfee Security. Do remember you can select language, country, custom settings as you wish.
  • Agree with terms and conditions and hit on install
  • After installation it will update the McAfee Product and settings from the internet.
  • You can create a McAfee account to manage your billings and services.
  • Please restart your computer and see if it’s working now.